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Kundan Pump

Kundan Water Pump is manufacturing Submersible, Openwell And Self Priming Water Pump, since 2009. As the company started by Mr. Dharaiya. Who have huge experience in water field since 1968. And by combining there experience and Technical knowledge Kundan Is made.

we have only one motive in our life to provide a best quality, in good price. we trying day and night to give you a best product and always using a very best materials inside our product, so it's life sparm also increases, we try our best to make you as happy. "If you want to Forgot all problems, simply place KUNDAN PUMP".

Kundan Pump diligent and visionary workforce is committed for the highest quality production under a roof with an ambition to make an empire at world level. By getting customer satisfaction and simultaneously providing them unique product which is highly inspected with latest technology. Pouring Out Solutions for a lifetime.

Kundan Pump is synonymous for manufacturing quality. We've gone above and beyond standard tests and requirements to bring you high Quality products that stand the test of time and nature. We have a team of qualified & trained engineers at our Research & Development section.


Our 'MISSION' is “We are committed to manufacture products complying with the best quality standards of the world”.


Our 'VISION' is “To be eminent global brand providing complete, Innovative, Invincible quality pumping paraphernalia under one roof”.


The 'VALUES' that guide us are “Trust, Ethics, Integrity, Discipline and Performance”.

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